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About this Product

Find & Stop Hidden Cameras BEFORE They Find You!

A new and easy to use hidden camera detector to preserve your right to privacy.

Privacy invasions from hidden cameras have become an all too common problem in AirBnB rentals, hotels, and locations where privacy is of critical importance. While some violators claim these hidden cameras are necessary for safety reasons, there have been many instances where remote surveillance devices have been found in inappropriate locations such as bedrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, and other sensitive areas. is announcing the release of their SpyFinder® Pro hidden camera detector to help anyone that has privacy concerns when in new spaces not trusted. Instantly prevents any video surveillance violations when needed and giving peace of mind to having privacy.

The Hidden Camera Problem

It is ideal for individuals who are concerned about hidden cameras and surveillance devices when traveling, using a changing facility, renting a hotel room or using an AirBnB. It might also be helpful for individuals going through a domestic dispute such as a divorce or for person’s who have purchased a property with a pre-existing remote surveillance system. Other vulnerable locations where SpyFinder® Pro may be helpful include locker rooms and changing rooms or other locations where multiple individuals have had prior access to potentially conceal a camera.

How It Works

SpyFinder® Pro is a portable small handheld unit that can easily be taken anywhere. The user simply activates with the press of a button. Six specially designed ultra bright-red LED strobe lights will then project out and flash to reflect off even the smallest of camera lenses.

The strobe effect of the LED lights causes any hidden camera lenses to appear to be blinking back. A careful sweep scan of the room can detect any hidden cameras simply by following the included instructions. Added feature also includes 3 LED intensity levels which may be helpful for detecting camera lenses that may have been concealed under or behind another surface material and for different size rooms of suspicion.

Who We Are has been is a leading supplier of Security and Surveillance Equipment and Counter-Surveillance solutions for Consumers and Businesses since 1999. Their extensive line of products became available online in 2005. They have continued to provide global security and consulting services to numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Companies. also supplies Real Time GPS Tracking and Surveillance Equipment to Local and Federal Government agencies. Their list of past and current clients includes multiple FBI Offices, Department of Homeland Security, NSA, NYPD, LAPD, MDPD and hundreds of Sheriff’s Departments across the USA.

Their extensive line of products includes Real Time GPS Trackers, Hidden Cameras, Audio Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance equipment. They provide a range of equipment that allows individuals and businesses to get the safety and security they need from any situation

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